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The Absolute Best in Stand Up Comedy Training.

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Stand Up comedy is an art form you can learn to share your comedic voice with the world.

For anyone who’s ever watched a stand up show and thought “I want to do that!” or even thought “Could I do that?,” the time to wonder is over.

Let the comedy professionals at Laugh University help you achieve your comedy goals. Whether you want to become the next big comedy star, write for tv and film or just become a more confident speaker, Laugh University will work with you in a hands-on, real life setting to make sure you get the best possible comedy training available anywhere in the USA.


Why Train with Laugh University?

Be seen by top comedy talent producers

By taking classes with Laugh University, you will also be able to perform directly for some of the biggest comedy talent bookers in the country. The Directors of Laugh University actively book talent at over 15 different venues in New England, and have partnerships with comedy venues in New York, LA, Detroit, Dallas and the South West. No other comedy training center can offer students such direct access to active talent bookers. 

Because you want to learn from the very best

That means you’re learning from professional stand up comedians who have worked at (and still are working at) every level of the comedy industry. Yes, you will get expert instruction from professional, working comedians who will help you systematically build your material and hone your skills in both a classroom setting as well as through live performance in front of real audiences. Each level will finish with a grad performance at a local comedy club in the area. 

Free shows at over a dozen comedy venues

By taking classes with Laugh University, students have access to over a dozen comedy venues around New England and New York. Watching others perform is an important part of learning and understanding comedy. No other training center can offer you such access to top flight comedy shows.

Continued development

Laugh University is not a “one and done” class. Laugh University provides 4 levels to take you from 5 minute open mics to the ability to open, feature and even headline at comedy clubs and shows. Laugh University makes sure that you are learning the soft skills of the business; how to conduct yourself at a venue, how to engage with producers and comedy bookers, what opportunities are out there in the comedy industry in general. Laugh University works with all of our students to make sure they are making concrete progress towards their comedy goals, whether that be as a stand up, as a writer or public speaker, assisting however we can to help you along the path of your comedy career.  

Laugh University was created by award-winning professionals who have been performing and producing comedy on stage and screen for over 50 years combined. Learn form the best, work with the best to become the best. Your adventure in comedy starts at Laugh University


Current Course Offerings:

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Level 1

Your journey begins here. From learning how to properly set-up a joke, topping it, tagging it and calling it back, you’ll be given the skills you need to kill your first five minute set.


Sign Up for Notifications for the next round of classes in Boston


Sign Up for Notifications for the next round of classes in worcester.

Plymouth, MA
10/21 - 11/25
6:00pm - 8:00pm


Level 2

Level 2 is the continuation of the work begun in Level 1 as students continue to develop material, and work to hone their sets. Prerequisite: Level 1.


Boston Instructor  Tony V .

Boston Instructor Tony V.

Plymouth Instructor  Christine Hurley .

Plymouth Instructor Christine Hurley.

Worcester Instructor  Brian Glowacki .

Worcester Instructor Brian Glowacki.