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Each class will focus on building the skills necessary to reach the goal of the magical 5-minute set.  This is intended to be an immersive experience, hands on in every way. Starting on week 1, you will be asked to take a stage in front of your peers and never stop taking that stage until you are headlining Clubs, Conventions, gatherings and every other manner of venue you can imagine. 

Although the structure and intent of this class is designed as a pathway to stand up, the skills and techniques learned can be put into practice in other areas of life — e.g., more confidence in addressing crowds, Better communication skills at work. The general ability to command a room and hold the attention of all that are in it. More self confidence and a general sense that the world is, indeed, your oyster to be shucked at will.

“If we can’t get five minutes out of you, we got no business doing what we do”
— Tony V.

Participants will be expected to put in the work needed to attain the stated goals. Stand-Up, like all other art forms, is demanding — it takes dedication to a craft and the ability and willingness to be prepared. Effort will be the key to your achievement. Making something look easy takes hard work.

A supportive environment is key to success. This class will be a safe and inclusive space. No idea, thought gag or joke will be criticized. (Critiqued, yes. Criticized never.) as long as it can be defended as funny.  Your voice is your voice.

You are your act. You will be encouraged to experiment with language, delivery and physicality. You will discover what is unique about you and how to highlight that uniqueness for maximum effect. The more personal your performance the more it will resonate with a crowd.

You will learn how to craft a joke. An ordinary story becomes an epic tome. A trip to the grocery store turns into a memorable experience. You will become a trained observer and a reporter of the absurd. And you will enjoy it. The journey will become more important than the destination. 

The only rule to stand up is; There are no rules. Once you can get your head around that concept (which can take years) you will experience a joy you never thought possible. 

And that is what we want to provide; That Joy.

Our Ultimate Goal? Stand equals Fun. 
It can be, it should be and it will be, 
Once you analyze any subject to pieces it seems tedious and not fun.
So forget everything you just read and get ready to have some Fun.
Because, if that is all you get out of this class then we’ve all done our jobs well.
No one can make you funny, but if there’s funny in you… it will be dragged out.
Even if it’s kicking and screaming.


Boston | Worcester

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